Why Is It My Turn?

I walked into Harris Creek a few months over 6 years ago – a bright eyed, 18 year old, freshman at Baylor who visited for the first time with her roommates because they were offering free lunch (and what college student doesn’t love a free lunch ammiright?). There was only one service being offered at the time and probably about 300 people attending that morning – Harris Creek was a very different place than it is now. But after attending that morning, I never went anywhere else. I fell in love with the heart of the people and mission of Harris Creek – something that didn’t change with a church that exploded in growth in the following year.

Fast forward a couple months and I got involved leading worship with the youth on Sunday nights (where a young, energetic youth minister named Brady Herbert led the charge…little did you know, your Lead Pastor was an incredible Youth Minister, too). Fast forward another few months and I began taking part leading in the main Sunday morning services as well. As more and more time passed, I kept getting opportunities and responsibilities within the church to exercise my gifts in various settings. Now, I find myself working full-time as a pastor on staff at 25.

I tell you none of this to brag about my ability – but moreso of the chance Harris Creek took on me. It wasn’t an exceptional understanding of musical theory or this uncanny depth of biblical knowledge that they saw in me – they saw a potential for discipleship. They let a young, 18 year old and now 25 year old woman lead them in worship and gave the space for me to grow. God has used Harris Creek in the past 6 years to grow me through painful lessons, but also many joyful seasons alongside a church family who loves and cares for me deeply (and I for them).

I love that the campaign season we are in is called “Our Turn.” Specifically for my story (and probably for countless others), I couldn’t think of anything that makes more sense. I have been a part of a church that for 6 years has invested in me, poured into me every Sunday morning and throughout the week in Life Groups, and also gave (and continues to give) me a shot to lead when I might not have been ready for it. I am all in to “Our Turn” because Harris Creek took a chance on me and invested in me and believed in me a long time ago. I absolutely want others after me to get that same opportunity. I want us to have the capacity and capability to increase ministry in a way that exponentially supports the discipleship of the next generation. The “Our Turn” initiative is just that – expanding and exponentially multiplying ministry across the board – not just our Sunwest Campus. We are creating physical space, but also a larger capacity for ministry everywhere. I can’t overlook the role that God has used Harris Creek to play in my life and I cannot wait for this next chapter in the life of our church.

Just as we most likely don’t know the people 50 years ago who played a vital role in Harris Creek’s history, it’s more than likely the generation 50 years from now won’t remember our names either. But I’m ok with that – this isn’t about our name getting on a brick on the sidewalk leading up to the new building. It’s about following God’s calling and making sacrifices that you or I may not see the fruits of. We can trust that God will continue to work in powerful ways in our future just as he has done in our past – believing that, I can’t help but be all in.

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