Why I Serve: Carly Webb

As part of our Elements journey, we interviewed Carly Webb, about her experience pursuing justice in our city alongside Jesus Said Love – an organization that helps women in the sex industry. Check out her story by watching the video below.


We also asked Carly to answer a few more questions about her experience with Jesus Said Love:


1. How did you originally hear about Jesus Said Love (or what drew you to JSL specifically) and how long have you been involved?

After my 3rd child was born, I became a full time Stay At Home Mom. God really impressed on me to find somewhere to serve, but there were so many incredible options in Waco that I became a bit overwhelmed. One Sunday in church we sang ‘Follow You’ and I knew God was saying, “Get moving on this!” That afternoon I got an email newsletter from Brett Mills saying they needed volunteers at Jesus Said Love. I’ve known Brett and Emily since they led worship for my church camp when I was in High School so I contacted Emily and set up a time to meet. I figured I would just start small, but Emily asked if I would lead the LOVE team in charge of volunteers and Outreach gifts so that’s where I started. I have been in involved with that team since 2014, coordinating volunteers, churches, food and gifts and have moved to mostly doing just the gifts now.

2. What do you love most about serving with Jesus Said Love?

I love the women we work with the most. I have had the opportunity to form relationships with them at Retreats, baby showers, Christmas parties, etc and I love spending time with them!

3. How has serving with Jesus Said Love impacted your life?

I for sure never thought about the heart of the woman who spends her days stripping. The idea of loving her, ministering to her, getting to know her mom and her kids never even occurred to me before Jesus Said Love, probably because I spent more time judging than I did loving. I can say everyone is worthy of Jesus’ love, but do I truly believe that? And if I do, I need to live that belief out. JSL has given me tangible ways to do that, and I am forever grateful for the ways God has opened my eyes through this ministry!


We’re grateful for people in our body like Carly who serve faithfully and encourage us to do the same! If you’re interested in becoming more involved with Jesus Said Love or any of our other mission partners, contact our Mission Director, Bethany Stephens.


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