What Next?: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Hopefully you were able to join us this past Sunday as we introduced our new philosophy of Do Something. To sum it up, we believe that we’re called to have an active faith. All throughout scripture we see active language calling us to get involved in the mission of God. Even our mission statement, seeking the welfare of the city, and its originating passage in Jeremiah 29:4-7 describe a faith in motion. While more activity by no means equates to spiritual growth, we do believe that Jesus has called each and every one of us to take another step in our relationship with him. Spiritual growth is a byproduct of engaging with the elements that make up the Do Something philosophy. We also believe that by doing something you will also feel a deeper connection to others at Harris Creek, which is vital as we do all that we can to seek the welfare of the city together.

There are three questions to ask yourself as you process what it means for you to Do Something:

  1. Am I currently growing as a follower of Jesus?

Step one is taking inventory of what you’re currently doing. Do you feel like you’re growing as a follower of Christ? Why or why not? For example, you may currently be consistently involved in a Life Group, serving with our Kids Ministry, and participating in our Reclaim Recovery ministry all at the same time. Are each of these components stretching and growing you as a disciple? If the answer is yes, that’s great! If the answer is no, now is a great time to ask yourself some introspective questions about why. Perhaps you feel stuck in your faith right now. It’s an incredibly healthy rhythm to honestly evaluate where you are on a regular basis. You may be surprised with what comes to the surface!

  1. What is God calling me to do next?

This question will have a different answer for everyone. Some of you have been attending Harris Creek for two months (or even two years) and you’ve yet to do anything at this point! Maybe you should check out Starting Point immediately following one of our services at either campus on a Sunday morning so you can connect with a staff member and find a way to connect to a Life Group or start serving alongside of us. If you’re new to faith (or unsure what you believe), you should check out Alpha so you can wrestle with some of the fundamental questions that come with following Jesus. You may be involved involved in six or seven different things, but you’ve yet to take a step of obedience in baptism or giving to the mission and vision of Harris Creek. Now is a great time to genuinely ask God the question, “What do you have for me next?”

When I was a junior at Baylor I was asked to lead a junior high boys Life Group at Harris Creek. While I would not have considered leading junior high boys on my own, I was asked during a period of processing what it would look like to get involved at a deeper level in our church. Once I started praying through whether or not that was the right step for me, God made it abundantly clear that that Life Group was exactly where I needed to serve. In hindsight, co-leading that group had a profound impact on the last two years of my college experience and significantly impacted who (and where) I am today and it was all a result of asking “What’s next?”

3. Am I spread too thin already?

Some of you are absolutely exhausted. You’ve overcommitted and involved in everything. Life is chaotic and you can’t add anything else to your plate. If that’s you, that’s OK! We don’t believe everyone needs to do everything. We all need to grow in different ways, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to discipleship that perfectly applies to everyone. If you find yourself teetering on burnout or putting all the effort and mental, physical, and spiritual energy you can into what you’re currently doing, you may need to keep doing exactly what you’re doing. You may even need to eliminate something so you can focus on one or two things in order to ensure you’re still growing as you should. We do not intend to add more boxes for you to check-off. The idea of Do Something is less for the currently committed, and more for people trying to connect at a deeper level with Jesus and Harris Creek. Do Something should not be at the expense of rest and sabbath.


If you’re ready to take a next step, visit our Do Something page with links and clear direction on the options we have for you with Harris Creek.

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