We Can All Give Something!

Hey Harris Creek family! As we are smack dab in the middle of the “Our Turn” campaign, I wanted to blog about the most controversial, most questioned, most important, most talked about piece of this generosity initiative — the commitment card. Okay, so maybe it’s not really any of those things. HOWEVER, it is through the commitment card on the all-important Commitment Sunday (November 22) that we will truly know if we are going to be able to fund the expansion project of our Sunwest Campus. So, in some ways that little card does hold importance.

If you were able to grab an “Our Turn” booklet at one of our campuses, you’ve seen an example of what the card looks like, and you’ve hopefully also seen a couple of examples of how to fill out a card. I’d like to give you an example of a filled out card as well, to help clarify even further how you can give towards this campaign.

Let me be perfectly clear, I believe EVERYONE has something to give to “Our Turn.” Even if you are in a very tight season financially, there are some minor sacrifices you can make to help give towards this mission. Be creative! Can you do without Starbucks every so often? Can you save the money you’d spend on soft drinks at a restaurant for the next two years and just drink water? Can you simply eat at home more often? Can you drop your cable subscription? There are lots of ways we can be creative to save some money in our personal lives to give towards this Kingdom initiative.

So, back to the card. Here’s a hypothetical situation:

L.E. Phant and his wife, Peanut (it’s a nickname), are occasional givers to Harris Creek. L.E. puts fifty bucks in the offering plate every so often, when he’s especially moved in a service or when he has extra cash from working an extra shift at the Waco Zoo. Last year, L.E. gave a total of $400 to Harris Creek. Upon hearing the vision the “Our Turn” campaign, L.E. has decided to start giving intentionally. He’s not quite ready to give 10% of his wages, but he’s going to start with 3%. This means L.E. is going to start giving $100 a month to the church. Over the next two years, L.E. and his wife are going to give a total of $2,400 towards the mission and vision of Harris Creek. Not only that, Mrs. Peanut has decided to shell out some cash she received for babysitting as an up-front gift of $200.

Here’s how it breaks down for the Phants:

Normal Giving: $400 +

Expanded Giving: $800 =

Expanded Annual Generosity: $1200 (2x years) +

Up Front Gift: $200 =

Our Turn Commitment: $2600

I hope this example helps! Every little bit helps from every single person in our congregation. Would you join me in investing in this project?

*Sorry about the puns, it’s what I do.

Drew Greenway

Worship leader in Waco, TX

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