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Our new sermon series at Harris Creek is called “Stained Glass: Brilliance from Brokenness.” It is focused on the idea that God takes our broken lives and makes something new and brilliant out of them. In light of this series, and the blog James posted two days ago called “Wonder,” we thought we would put our money where our mouth is. Enjoy!

Church Music – Dance (!) from Brady Herbert on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “Video Blog – Dance(!)”

  1. Two things:

    1) I have thought since purchasing it that Church Music has a number of songs that are very relevant to this current sermon series.

    2) I almost lost it the second Landon popped up from behind the desk.

  2. Landon’s new nickname is “King Cobra” because of his entrance. He is like a cobra being enticed by the music out of his basket.

  3. ok, you folks at Harris Creek ROCK! If I ever leave (er, get kicked out) of Lake Shore, I’ll be on your doorstep.

  4. My thoughts went to another Crowder song–“I’ll become even more undignified than this…” but I couldn’t figure out how!

  5. wow, uh, wow. All snarkiness aside, just, wow. Can mere words describe what I just witnessed? In the hands of a talented writer, perhaps. But I’m at a real loss other than wow.

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