Training Institute:UK (Week One Review)

  • Interns arrived on schedule and made their way through customs. Not necessarily the smoothest process–thanks again guinea pigs : ) –but they made it through. Andy (One Church) was there to welcome them out of the gate and transported them to Brighton.
  • After a rest day, they went to a Youth Camp near Brighton that they described as resembling a Passion gathering (circa 2000). From Elizabeth’s picture and their collective description of the event, I can envision the tents among throngs of people and the ecumenical feel of a gathering that is quick to offer a “response” time.youth camp brighton
  • The cohort had an “induction day” at the Gloucester Place offices. They had some quality conversations with pastor Dave Steele, and they are drinking from a water hydrant in quick bursts from ministry area by area as One Church gives them a chance to see ALL before pinpointing their specific areas of interest/need for the two months ahead.
  • 13308366_10206933449159388_5535006393567330302_oThe location at Gloucester Place now has a fresh coat of paint in the youth room thanks to our team. The speckles of paint on their “play” clothes symbolize the flecks of Brighton that are already leaving their mark on these young girls.
    The painting they did was not as artistic as what resides within the building; a local artist–a non-believer–brings her canvases to “office” out of the church downtown4building,seeking a “sacred space” for
    inspiration. Katie’s picture and this anecdote remind me of another place, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • We spent most of our first FaceTime session cracking up, and by cracking up, I mean, the three girls sitting on a twin bed might have cracked a bed post. Sorry, Andy–add it to our tab!
  • They helped with their first session of CHOMP, which is a free meal and activities provision for young students out of school for the summer and who normally rely on school lunches for their daily provisions. For the second half of the week, they were stationed at the Florence Road site getting to know Ben Svobody and seeing a lot of their welfare/community development ministries, including a community garden and a farmer’s market.
  • All in all, Andy has described their acclimation and willingness to serve as being like “ducks on a pond,” acting like all this is second nature for them. Ducks on a pond across the Pond.
  • They are still having to physically recover at the end of each day. Please pray for physical stamina and strength to stay on pace so that they can focus on the emotional and spiritual capital needed for the relational and reflective exercises that await them. Thank you again for your continued prayers!



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