The Freedom of Clarity

“A river without banks is just a large puddle.”
Will Mancini 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last month or so, as Brady has been unpacking and further clarifying Harris Creek’s discipleship philosophy. As a new covenant member, as well as a new staff team member, I very much appreciate clear direction and leadership in an organization. If I were completely honest, I would go so far as to say that I need those “banks” in most areas of my life. When I lack certainty and clarity on a personal level, chaos usually ensues.  I become a puddle of ineffectiveness for the Kingdom.

Will Mancini is a consultant in the church development world. In a recent blog post titled “Why State Why?  Top 10 Reasons to Articulate Values,” he provides wonderful content that helps organizations like Harris Creek clearly articulate who they are and why they exist. One of the reasons he provides the reader is that articulating values helps us “demonstrate God-honoring unity AND collective personality.” When we as a church are clear in our mission, it does two things for us as a people. That clarity provides inertia and a distinct rallying point for our efforts, motivation, and goal setting. The other thing it does is somewhat paradoxical.

When we are disciplined in our mission, it provides us freedom. Wait… What? Yes, organizational discipline creates an air of freedom for the individuals to express themselves in a healthy and God-honoring fashion within that mission. Harris Creek’s mission isn’t unique because it is most certainly birthed from Scripture.  What are unique, however, are the various ways the mission is fleshed out among our neighbors locally, regionally, even globally. When we feel confident in what we are as a body, we have freedom to express who we are as a “collective personality.”

Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of our people and the clarity of our mission and movement in these days! After all, don’t we want Harris Creek to possess the power and movement of a river, rather than the stagnation of a puddle?

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