Harris Creek Weekly Shownotes – Episode 001: Boundaries

Episode Description

Welcome to our first full episode of Harris Creek Weekly. This week our Kids Minister, Christina Ferrero, interviews Rachel Lieber and Clay Watkins about Boundaries. Check out the shownotes below for helpful resources from the episode.

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1 thought on “Harris Creek Weekly Shownotes – Episode 001: Boundaries”

  1. Good points. One thing I noticed was Rachel’s comment about pride being a motivation for not setting boundaries. But in relation to that, she mentioned that she needed to accept that she could step back, step away, or set boundaries, and those people would still be there. The fact is, though, that sometimes the people in our lives WILL walk away when we stop doing those things. That’s when fighting that pride gets really important. And it’s then that we need to realize that our worth and value aren’t in how those people see us, but rather in how GOD sees us, and knowing that HE will still be there, even if everyone else walks away.

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