Sharing Our Stories

Have you ever shared your shame story with someone?  Maybe not, but I encourage you to with a trusted friend. Currently, the women on staff at Harris Creek are reading “Gifts of Imperfection”, by Brene Brown. We have shared stories, insight, and “ah-ha” moments as we have dived into her book. Brene Brown is a social worker and also a shame researcher. She has spent several years researching, reading, talking about, and sharing stories of shame and guilt with others.

As we have been reading through the book, many of us have been able to connect with her and with the importance she expresses in sharing our stories. Much like the importance we place on sharing our salvation story with others. The connections drawn are two fold. First, sharing your story with others gives hope and provides a connection with another human being, while also providing a personal sense of self for the storyteller. Often times, I think we feel compelled to share our shame and salvation stories with others, but don’t for many reasons. Maybe we are ashamed, maybe we don’t think our story is as exciting as someone else’s story, or maybe we just don’t know the story well enough to articulate it aloud to someone else? Regardless of the reasons, I want to encourage you to SHARE your story. Think about your story and write it down. Tell a friend or tell your spouse. The more you know about your story, the more you know about yourself and the more you see God working within your life! Try it – I know it will be eye opening for you!

Sharing stories builds community. Have you ever watched one of our baptism stories at Harris Creek? If not, let me say they are powerful! Whether you see a 50 year old male professing his faith or a 7 year old trying to explain what it means to them to follow Christ, it is life changing! I certainly want to be life changing, don’t you? My prayer is that we at Harris Creek, strive to be a community that is life changing and full of stories — so let’s start sharing!

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