Rethinking Worrying


If you were at Harris Creek this past Sunday, you heard Jonathan Pokluda from Watermark Community Church in Dallas speak on the topic of worrying (if you missed the sermon, watch it here). Looking around the room Sunday morning and seeing all of the heads nodding and people scribbling furiously in their journals, it was evident that this is something the majority of us struggle with.

On Monday night, my Life Group (shoutout to the Brandt group) had one of our best nights of discussion we’ve ever had. Everything JP talked about Sunday seemed to resonate with each couple in our group. As we went around the room and shared the different things in life that we worry about it was fascinating to see all of the ways we let anxiety creep in to our lives on a daily basis. Whether it’s worrying about how the next five years of our careers will work out or if your spouse will be safe driving to the grocery store and back, we let worry and anxiety consume us.

Jonathan referenced a quote from Tim Keller, who said, “Worry is not believing God will get it right, and bitterness is believing God got it wrong.” When it comes down to it, our worrying is simply putting faith in something other than the faithfulness of God. When we panic and stress and spend our days anxious over how things are going to play out, that is us showing a lack of trust in who God is.

A little over a year ago I went with my wife (then fiancé) to the church she attended in Jackson, TN while she was a student at Union University. The pastor referenced Matthew 14:13-21 (the feeding of the 5,000). He then directed us to Matthew 15:29-39 (the feeding of the 4,000). In chapter 15 Jesus tells the disciples he wants to feed the crowd and the disciples, right after seeing Jesus feed the 5,000, responded with, “Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd?”. They just saw Jesus feed 5,000 people and they immediately went in to panic mode!

I had a friend a few years ago tell me whenever I start to worry and stress over the things headed my way, I need to pause and remember the faithfulness of God in my own life. If the disciples would have just stopped and reflected on what they had already seen God do in their lives they would have remembered that God didn’t leave them out to dry before and He wasn’t going to do it then, either. Looking back at some of the most critical times in my life I can see where God has been faithful through the ups and downs, even as recently as the past few months.

Keep track of the things you’re praying for and the things that have you worried and anxious. Write them down. A few months from now, pull the list back out. Reflect on them and remember that we serve a God that is faithful.

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  1. Mark 8:14-21 cracks me up with the way Jesus keeps asking the worried disciples: “Do you still not understand?” My laughter subsides when I realize how easily I forget God’s faithfulness, too.

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