Pour In to Pour Out

pourintopouroutDays when it’s my turn to blog are brutal. I feel this immense pressure, (initiated by no one except myself) to write something extremely thought provoking and life changing. Landon and I joke around by repeating the phrase, “Changing the world one blog post at a time” on days we write blog posts we are really proud of. Normally, it’s pretty easy to write about something that God has been showing me or what I’ve been learning through my interactions with God. Today, for some reason, has been harder than before. No ideas come, no riveting subject matter pops into my mind. I start to think, “what’s wrong with me?!” But in struggling to write a blog, I came to the humbling conclusion that maybe the reason I have nothing to write about, nothing to pour out, is because I haven’t had anything being poured in. Maybe I have nothing to say because I haven’t been listening enough to what God has for me or is doing around me.

This season is normally a hectic time for everyone, myself included. I just finished my senior art exhibition, graduating college, and am transitioning into a full time job here at Harris Creek. Big stuff, which trust me, I would love to, and have previously, used them all as excuses. Being “busy” doesn’t get me off the hook though. If I am not daily invested in what God has to show me through his word, through asking Him to reveal himself to me more, and in having open conversation with Him throughout my day, how on earth am I supposed to pour myself out to others?

In Mark 5 it says,

“Jesus repeatedly left the crowds, though, stealing away into the wilderness to pray.”

During his ministry here on earth, Jesus had his disciples for community, but they couldn’t pour into him in the way he needed to be filled up. He relied on personal time spent with God. And in looking at Jesus life, he could have definitely pulled the “busy” card if there was ever someone to pull that card. He had swarms of people chasing after him, wanting him to teach them. Not to mention he was healing people, performing miracles, and leading the disciples. In the midst of all of this it says Jesus, “repeatedly left the crowds…to pray.”

Just like I have tried to make excuses, we can’t shift the responsibility of needing to be filled up onto others either. Jesus didn’t rely on the disciples. He participated in community with them, they learned and grew with one another, but that wasn’t the only way he was filled up. How many times do we say our church isn’t offering enough Sunday school classes or bible studies, claim our Life Group isn’t digging in deep enough, or our accountability partner isn’t doing their job. Which maybe all of those are true for you–who knows, that’s a whole other problem/blog.

Simply put, we need to be in daily communion with God to be able to effectively participate in the ministry and work there is to be done here on Earth. Jesus did it, we are called to it, and right now I am terrible at it, but. We have to start somewhere. Practically speaking, start waking up 10 minutes early and spend time reading and in prayer. Or, if you have trouble waking up, use the time right before bed. Do you have any helpful practices others might benefit from on your routine or how you cut out intentional time in a day to spend time in the Word? Comment below!

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