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As a reminder, the Our Turn campaign is a “one fund” approach, which means every dollar we give goes into the ministry budget of Harris Creek. In other words, your generosity can help us pay off the note for a building but it can also purchase Goldfish for kids or reduce the cost for students to attend a Youth Ministry event. To give you an idea of what your generosity is involved with, here are a couple of exciting things to celebrate in our Kids Ministry.

On June 2, we celebrated our 2nd annual Navigate Family Fun Night where kids brought their parents to the Sunwest Campus. The evening gave our parents the opportunity to experience how their kids worship on Sundays. This summer, our Life App is Faith: believing what Jesus did can change me. We sang fun songs together, met a silly professor and heard about how Saul met Jesus and how it literally changed his life. We left our families with the question: How can we see Jesus the way that Saul did and allow Jesus to change our lives? Following the family experience, we enjoyed pizza, played on inflatables, and enjoyed community. It was such a fun evening!



Just a few days after, Pine Cove’s Camp in the City came to Waco and invaded Harris Creek. Our kids had an AMAZING week learning about Jesus, playing hard and hanging with the best counselors around! On Thursday evening, staff and host families had the opportunity to hear stories—from the counselors—of things they had observed during camp. Here are a couple stories I wanted to share:

“One of my 1st grade boys memorized his Bible verse early in the week and then worked the rest of the week to help the rest of the boys in his group memorize it too!”

 “We have a chant called the Gospel chant that tells the plan of salvation. My girls loved it and wanted to repeat it over and over again. We couldn’t ask them to stop. How awesome to hear kids proclaiming the Gospel”

 Here are a few things the campers shared with their counselors during their share time:

 “At the spider web, God catches us when we fall”

“God will love you, it doesn’t matter what you do”

“Jesus loves us more than our parents”

“When somebody calls you ugly, God thinks you’re beautiful in every way”

“God showed us love by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners”

 What amazing testimonies to hear our kids share about how much God loves us, that He gave himself for us, and He thinks we are awesome! I want every child in Waco to know these truths!



Thank you for giving to Our Turn so that we can continue to teach our kids who Jesus is and how much He loves them. Because of your generosity, we were able to scholarship 8 kids outside of Harris Creek that would have been otherwise unable to attend camp. I hope that we all will do whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus!


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