Our Turn FAQ: Why Not Go Multisite Instead of Expanding Sunwest?

Throughout the “Our Turn” initiative, I will take time on this blog to address some commonly asked questions related to our project approach and goals. One of these questions has centered on why we are building at the Sunwest Campus and not adding another campus within our area. I am thrilled that our people are even asking this question because it demonstrates how widely accepted our multisite approach has become.

As elders and staff began to assess options to address our space needs, we discussed a number of potential solutions – including adding campuses. There are a number of ways to do this. Those options range from occupying schools on Sundays to retrofitting empty buildings in our immediate area. Given that our biggest issue has been space at the Sunwest Campus, we needed a solid option to create a viable worship, kids, and gathering space for the long term in order to truly be a solution and not a temporary fix. Any potential landing spot would need to be close in proximity to the Sunwest Campus and be large enough for us to conduct worship appropriately. Schools aren’t long-term solutions, and given the nature of development along the US-84 corridor, large empty buildings are almost nonexistent. With that said, you’re left with buying land and building another campus. Purchasing land and building another building just seemed completely unnecessary when God had already provided us ample land at the Sunwest Campus.  We just needed to pursue a plan to fully maximize it for our purposes.

In closing, I want to reinforce something Brady has said from the stage during this stretch. We will continue to explore and entertain ways to connect with our city through a multisite strategy. In fact, we had been in conversations with a Waco congregation about taking ownership of their building as recently as last month. No doubt this would have been a creative solution and ministry endeavor, but God removed that possibility and we are hopeful the original congregation will flourish with their new approach. We would welcome other conversations like this one in the future, as long as the circumstances are conducive to both our needs and ministry goals. Please be in prayer as we strategically plan to better affect change within our city through a multisite strategy. But for the time being, God has called us to maximize the Sunwest Campus property.

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