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Hey everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, there’s a lot happening at Harris Creek this fall — and I can feel the energy heading into what might be a busy season, but an exciting one. Drew and I couldn’t help but add to the excitement and are releasing our second series of worship videos in conjunction with our Elements Journey.

Last semester, we released our first worship video project, “The Warehouse.” This semester, as we wrapped up Unit 2 of Elements, we are releasing three new worship videos that we think articulate some of the sentiments we explored during Unit 2: God and Me. We chose to do this series of worship videos in an acoustic, intimate setting that we thinks mirrors the personal journey many of us took this last semester as we dove into ourselves and explored who God has called us to be. We filmed these videos in a familiar space – the greenhouse – that you saw in the Elements Unit 2 story videos.

Over the next three weeks we will be releasing one worship video a week and we hope you enjoy these songs. These three videos will be a mix of original and cover songs as well as some new and some old songs. We hope these songs spur you along in your spiritual journey and help you explore who God has created you to be.

If these songs are meaningful for you, we hope you will share them with friends and family so that they can potentially have a Kingdom impact in many other communities and circles.

It is our desire that these worship videos are encouraging and inspiring to you in your walk with Christ. We are looking forward to this exciting season ahead with our Harris Creek church family!




Worship & Communications Pastor


P.S As we continue our #elementsjourney, keep watching each semester for new songs and videos to be released in conjunction with that Unit!

Check out our first song, “Restless Heart” below:

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