What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Have you ever read one of those “5 things that every successful person does” articles?  I have.  And it seems like every time it lists something along the lines of “Effective Planner!”, “Powerful Goal Setter!”, or “They Create Their Own Future!”. All of that sounds well and good, but what if you don’t have future-shaping capabilities?  What if you don’t know where you will be a year from now? Does that just mean you’re forever going to be a failure?  No.  I think it just means you’re ...

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The Anxious Parent

Anxiety in today’s culture is real. It has many faces. It arrives in all of our lives with various levels of acuity and for different reasons. As parents, it’s such a juggling act trying to lead our children in such a way that we are protecting them from worry that they shouldn’t have to endure, while leading them through appropriate amounts of anxiety – theirs and ours.  I probably feel most disappointed in my own parenting when I see my sons ...

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3 Ways to Engage Poverty Now

We typically define poverty as “the lack of material things or access to tangible resources.” There are three elements to poverty that you may not initially think about that I would like to shed some light on. The most obvious element of poverty that we see is someone’s physical well-being. We are able to analyze if they have access to food, clean water, shelter, etc., but what we often cannot see with our own eyes is their spiritual, emotional, and ...

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