Harris Creek Weekly Shownotes–Episode 015: Faith & Politics

div.sap-embed-player{position:relative;width:100%;height:150px;}div.sap-embed-player>iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;} Episode Description In this episode of Harris Creek Weekly Jon Green, our Downtown Campus Pastor, and Nate Hilgenkamp, our College Minister, sit down with Dr. Jonathan Tran, a professor, author, and ethicist at Baylor University for a conversation on the intersection of faith and politics. With a subject like this, it's important to note that the views expressed in this episode are reflective of Dr. Tran's personal beliefs. We understand when discussing something as highly charged as politics you may find ...

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Why Family Worship?

Have you ever seen that painting of Jesus where all the children are climbing to sit in His lap and surrounding Him at His feet? It is a beautiful picture of Christ and, in fact, it is probably my favorite way to think of Him – welcoming all children to be near Him. And yet, far too often in the life of the church we see less and less of our children being welcomed into worship with the greater family ...

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The Inconvenience of Christmas

There is truly nothing like being home for Christmas.  The old roads that you’ve seen over and over again seem to have a new glow in the late days of December.  Memories come flooding back of Christmases past and the lights on neighboring houses seem to guide your way home.  Hallmark has made loads of money just by capitalizing on the sentiments that come with being home for the holidays.  Whatever it is, the days leading up to Christmas just ...

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