Living Water Well Update: Uganda

This past year, our congregation generously gave to Living Water International to bring clean drinking water and the message of Jesus Christ to those around the world. We recently received an update upon the completion of a well project that we funded in Uganda. The well was constructed at a place called Kikoni Standard College that has 1,200 students and 80 staff members.

John, our contact with Living 86A08793-0B4B-4CC5-B7D2-6BC53FE9BAC9Water International, says Kimono Standard College “initially depended on a shallow well for their immediate water need. This posed extreme management, health and sanitation challenges. The students, particularly the weaker … girls and some boys had to walk long distances to unsecured unprotected water sources-the hand dug well searching for water. Physical fatigue, stress amongst the school population, and learning time lost (i.e. Time Poverty), affected school performance and enrolment children spend long hours hunting for water. Also, the girls were endangered by the unfriendly school environment characterized by inadequate sanitary facilities.”

In response to receiving this new clean water station, one of the 16 year-old girls sent her personal thank you:
“I thank you for this water. The school administration told us it will be developed into a production well serving whole school. We shall no longer walk long distances hunting for water from hand dug well or spend long time queuing for water. Thank you!”

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