Living Water Update

9316227874_3cf9a24657_oAn Update on Living Water International (LWI)

In 2011, we announced a plan to commit a matching gift from our Global Impact budget to whatever was given by the congregation for Living Water International up to $15,000. In that first year Harris Creek was able to give $31,776. Since 2011, and including this year, we have been able to give more than $120,000 to LWI. This matching initiative has been a way of committing as a faith community to the tenets of Advent Conspiracy. Worship Fully, Give More, Spend Less, Love All. In considering all that we have been asking of one another in 2015 through the Our Turn initiative and also not wanting to pull back on generosity, your elders and staff decided to do things a bit differently this year. Because of your generosity of giving to the budget in 2015 we are so excited to have been able to give $20,000 to LWI this month. That is $5,000 more than budgeted from any single year since 2011 and a full $12,000 more than in 2014. I have had several conversation with John Nodalski from LWI in the past few months as he has expressed their gratefulness for our partnership with them to provide life-giving clean water in the name of Jesus Christ. To find out more about Living Water and Advent Conspiracy visit: and/or watch this short video:

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