Lent Day 8 Reflection

Today marks a week into the Lenten season. Since Ash Wednesday, how have you been observing Lent? Want to start today? As explained in further detail here, Harris Creek has been reading a daily devotional guide and sharing reflections from those affiliated with our church family. Covenant member Brooklynn Wynveen offers us a fresh look at Lent today.

“What are you giving up for Lent?” This seems to be a common greeting among believers during this season. It’s assumed that we will be observing a sustained period of sacrifice, in observance and remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made so long ago on our behalf. But on the cross, as Jesus breathed His last, He declared with all of heaven’s authority, “It is finished!”[1] As I rest in the completed work of Christ on the cross, a season of sacrifice seems out of place. Instead, this should be a season of joy and gratitude (“celebrated as a festival to the Lord”[2]), and one in which we embrace our roles as co-heirs with Christ in the kingdom of heaven.

In this spirit, it occurs to me that God may not necessarily be calling all of us to “give something up” for Lent. What if, instead, He’s calling us into a deeper fellowship with Him? What might that look like? A few ideas come to mind:

  • You could commit to beginning each day with a time of praise and worship—thanking God for His love and faithfulness.
  • You could make a point of interceding on behalf of someone whose need resonates strongly with you.
  • You could learn something about each of the foreign lands we’ve been called to pray for during this season. That way, instead of handing God a laundry list of place names—most likely mispronounced and quickly forgotten—you can pray for the specific struggles, challenges, and needs of the people living in those far-away places.
  • You could begin to mend a broken or strained relationship in your life, either through seeking or offering forgiveness.
  • You could send notes of encouragement to the people that God has divinely placed in your life and in your path.

In short, rather than giving something up, why not try something new? In so doing, you will surely allow God to begin a new work in and through you.
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Brooklynn Wynveen has been attending Harris Creek for three years with her husband, Chris, and her two children. She enjoys staying at home with the kids, but also finds time to do a bit of consulting work on the side (research and copy-editing), since completing her doctorate through Clemson University last May.

[1] John 19:30
[2] Exodus 12:14


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