Lent Day 7 Reflection

Today’s reflection about “Potatoes and Eggs” is from Monica Odle.
Monica is a covenant member who leads a Life Group
and loves her Navig8 kindergartners. She is a proud wife
and doting mom who does freelance writing on the side.
Thanks to Monica for her vulnerability,
and thanks for reading and sharing your own comments.


Once when I was in college, a suitemate of mine wanted to make a midnight run to the Tex-Mex restaurant down the street. It was downtown San Antonio, and she didn’t want to go alone at night so I offered to drive her. I wasn’t really hungry, but felt I should order something and called out for a potato and egg burrito. We drove around and paid, and as we waited for our food to come through the window, I noticed a man and a woman at the end of the drive-thru.


The man was talking to the woman, who was older and shabbily dressed. The man seemed desperate; the woman seemed cowed and tired. When I pulled forward, I couldn’t see the man anymore, but the woman was standing by the side of the drive thru. She held out her hand for food. I saw that she had very few teeth. The man, who might have been intimidating to a young girl, had hidden himself from view.

I paused.

My suitemate looked at the woman with disdain and told me we should keep moving and not stop. I looked at the woman again, but in the darkness, I complied and drove back to campus. When we got up to our rooms, my suitemate went her way, and I sat at my desk and opened my bag…a potato and egg burrito.

The Holy Spirit moved inside me. I never ordered potato and egg burritos. Especially at midnight, when I wasn’t even that hungry. And my path crossed with that of a woman, cold and hungry, with no teeth, who could probably handle eating soft, warm potatoes and eggs. There was even enough for two.

The conviction was unbearable. I ran out of my room and raced back to the restaurant, but there was no one to be found. The couple had already left, but the woman’s eyes were still vivid in my mind. I cried and I repented. While I trust God forgave me, and while I hope the car behind me at the drive thru had shared some food when I did not, I learned a hard lesson that night:

I had a chance to feed Jesus, and I passed it by.

I had a chance to show the light and love of Christ to a suitemate who didn’t know Him, and I chose instead to listen to my fears and believe that a fellow human in need was not worth my time or attention. I resolved to make a different choice the next time God, in merciful grace, might give me another chance to feed the hungry, to give warmth to the cold, to see Jesus in the faces of the people brought into my life.

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 

– Matthew 25:40 –


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