Lent Day 5 Reflection

Today’s reflection comes from Dave Morehead.
Dave has been involved with Harris Creek in a number of capacities,
including Life Group leadership and volunteering in Navig8 worship
with the kindergarten group. In the community,
Dave serves as Director of Investments at Baylor University.

Recently, I had the good fortune and opportunity to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in three years.  While we have talked on the phone and written back and forth over this time, these forms of communication are not the same as seeing one face-to-face.  There is a familiarity, joyousness, and comfort that comes from being in the presence of a good friend.  And we learn things about each other when we are together that we cannot understand or comprehend when communicating in other fashions.

For nearly 40 years now, I’ve had the opportunity to attend Sunday School, “big church,” and small groups to learn about Jesus.  The Bible and a great number and variety of other books have provided me great understanding as it relates to the Christian faith.  Yet, I continue to seek new and creative ways to know my God better.  To better imagine my relationship with God, I have taken to calling Him “my King”.  To better develop a sense of friendship with my King, I’ve studied the names He gives Himself.  And yet, it still doesn’t seem enough…does it?

There are not many who have seen our King face-to-face.  Adam and Eve walked with God in the Garden of Eden.  The people of Jesus’ day interacted with our LORD incarnate.  A few others came close.  Moses famously saw the back of God as He passed by on Mount Sinai.[1]  Several ancient prophets interacted with the Angel of God.  And Paul was struck blind on the road to Damascus when he encountered his (and our) King.[2]  But that’s about it.  Do you ever wish to have seen our Lord?  I do!

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I often imagine what it would be like to see the Lord.  Is it like looking at the sun, where you cannot hold your gaze for the brightness that comes from it?  Or, does our King’s unconditional love draw you in, making you unable to avert your eyes from the throne?  And don’t get me started on my King, the Son.  I wonder what Jesus’ hands feel like…rough?  Or soft?  Or both?  And while his eyes are most likely brown, I wish to see how caring they are.  My most imagined interaction with Jesus is His embrace.  What will it be like to be held by the Creator, the One who loves you completely?  I have long been jealous of those who have seen God.  But this is misplaced, as Jesus himself said, “Blessed are those who have not seen [me], and yet have believed.”[3]

To be honest, it is hard for me to imagine anything that approximates the blessing of interacting directly with my Lord.  But Jesus says it is so.  What then can I do to “see” my King and know Him better here on earth?  Graciously, He has provided His Church as the answer.  Whenever I hear a broken-hearted testimony on the radio or see ordinary people perform extraordinary acts of service or read of Pope Francis throwing off the trappings of power and wealth, my heart is cheered and my spirit lightens for these are the actions of the Lord in our time.  In a very real sense, clasping the hand of a fellow believer or embracing my Christian friend and mentor in California provides the physical connection to my King I cannot get from books or sermons.  This, then, is why I so look forward to corporate gatherings of His people – in His children I see His face!

Seeing God, touching God, and embracing God in this manner provides a new avenue to know and understand my King.  That, in turn, encourages and excites me to see the world differently, pick up a book to learn another facet of His personality, and talk with others about my struggles and His greatness.  In the end, seeking God’s face across mediums and experiences leads to knowledge and worship, as it always has and always should.  God bless!

[1] Exodus 33:21-23
[2] Acts 9
[3] John 20:29b


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