Lent Day 37 Reflection

Originally from the Fort Worth area, Kathy Davidson went to Alabama to complete her undergrad at Samford University, where she met her husband, Matt. The Davidsons made Waco their home as Kathy continued her education at Truett Seminary. In addition to serving as a Life Group co-leader, a college Life Group sponsor, and having an infectious laugh, Kathy is now the Youth Associate for Harris Creek. Kathy plans to graduate in May… but that depends on the report we provide at the end of the semester 🙂


Lent Day 37 Reflection - Davidson pic“And all of You…
is more than enough for all of me,
for every thirst and every need
you satisfy me with your love,
and all I have in you
is more than enough.”

If you’re like me, then that song takes you back a few years… for me—specifically to my high school years and the praise band for my small youth group. That was our go-to song for every week… and while I might some times have gotten tired of the melody, which is a bit repetitivethe words were always so fresh. I think that’s kind of why this song was (and still is) so popular—the lyrics! One day in particular I remember catching myself on the lyrics I was singing and stopping dead in my tracks as the little Kathy voice inside my head asked the question, “Do you really mean it?”

That initial question led to a mini crisis of faith as other questions spilled out:

Is God really enough for you?

Does he really satisfy your every need?

If you didn’t have _________ would God really be enough?

Over time that __(blank)__ has been filled with different things for me. For a while in high school the question was, “If I didn’t have acceptance and friends would God really be enough?” In college: “If I didn’t have plans for my future would God really be enough?” Sometimes now: “If I didn’t have my husband would God really be enough?” Whatever the __(blank)__ is for you, I think that’s why these lyrics are so hard-hitting for us. The __(blank)__ reveals what we put above God.

Can we truly be content without it?

If we can claim that God is all we need, then we have learned the trick to being content in all circumstances. Paul says in Philippians that he’s learned the secret… that he can do it all/make it through all/survive anything through Christ who strengthens him.[1] Knowing Christ is what we need to be content and satisfied in this life, through every good AND every bad moment. Being content means believing fully that Christ is enough.

Ann Voskamp says in, One Thousand Gifts, that the fall of mankind occurred because of ingratitude, which she calls: “humanity’s discontent with all that God freely gives.” She reasons, if the fall of humanity occurs as a result of ingratitude (discontentment), then salvation must be linked to gratitude (contentment). Therefore, when we are discontent with our lives, we’re being ungrateful to God. If we want to have contentment, we must be grateful.

Sounds a lot easier than it really is, right?

… Being content means learning to be thankful no matter the circumstance.

… Being content is possible whether with a job or without, whether with kids or without, whether with a spouse or without, whether with friends or without.

… Being content is claiming with your life on a day in and day out basis that Jesus is all you really need.

The rest is extra. My husband is extra to me. My awesome job is extra to me. My fantastic family is extra to me. Jesus is all I need. If everything was stripped away—Jesus would still be enough.

Lent Day 37 Reflection - Davidson pic2While it might be hard, I’m convinced it’s right. We must journey together this road of thanksgiving. As we become thankful for the small gifts our eyes are opened to the bigger ones in front of us. And as we become thankful for the hard and difficult things in life, we can learn to see them as the gifts that lead us along the path to true contentment in Christ alone.

As we seek God today “for abundance with contentment,”

  1. let’s begin by thanking Him for being all we need.
  2. Then, let’s thank Him for the extra, too.
  3. And for those around us, who for some reason are not able to be content in Jesus, we pray. On their behalf today, let’s believe that He is enough.


[1] Philippians 4:10-14


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