Lent Day 36 Reflection

Isabelle “Izzy” Abiassi is a college Life Group leader, a K-Life volunteer, and an all-around “not too shabby” person. Seriously, Izzy exemplifies the type of deep-rooted commitment and externally-focused mindset desired from those being transformed by the Gospel through their involvement with Harris Creek, even if it’s for a temporary time in the Waco area as a college student. Although we view our college-age young adults as missionaries being sent to all parts of the globe, you better believe we’re cherishing every moment we have with folks like Izzy.


Sometimes Jesus surprises me.

Maybe I should rephrase that.

Every day Jesus surprises me.

Just when I think I have something figured out, my Maker kindly redirects my paths and shows me new glimpses of His Kingdom that I would have otherwise overlooked.

I have a new favorite Friday morning tradition. It’s called Friday Morning Breakfast. Volunteers from all over Waco gather in the basement of a church at 6 a.m. where we break bread and enjoy community with the homeless and largely unemployed. This place and the people I meet are the source of my latest redirection by my Savior because those before-the-crack-of-dawn, running-on-coffee-and-Jesus kind of mornings have consistently (and completely unexpectedly) become one of the best things about this year.

I think the Lord had me in mind when, through Jeremiah, he said, “you’re going to look at this place, these empty and desolate… streets of Jerusalem, and say, ‘A wasteland. Unlivable. Not even a dog could live here.’”[1] Jesus is teaching me more and more that some of the most beautiful things are the most seemingly insignificant.

Lent Day 36 Reflection - Abiassi picThey’re the things I would otherwise pass over and deem as a wasteland.

They’re the Friday Morning Breakfasts that I had originally said, “weren’t where the Lord had put me in ministry.”

They’re the desolate communities where I’m blind to the Lord’s redemptive work and power daily.

It always makes me smile when I think of how many times God has softened my heart of stone. I’m so, so thankful for that quality of His and continually thankful that He keeps smoothing out those extra stubborn parts. My heart’s condition toward homeless ministry had been one that pushed that ministry and those relationships onto others while I stubbornly claimed that “it wasn’t for me.” Until I finally realized that it ultimately wasn’t a programmed, burdensome ministry.

It was simply about relationships.

It’s seeking the welfare of the city in the smallest yet most profound way.

It’s being a friend who chooses to hope and pray for redemption when her friends sometimes lose sight.

My weak heart is so quick to be a Jeremiah 33:10 girl that I forget about promises of verses 6-9. Promises of health, healing, abundance of prosperity, security, and restoration are my “Jesus surprises” of the morning. I can hope for these things and pray these BIG prayers because my God is bigger than the mess that my eyes see. It is a gift to pray for God’s restoration in desolate communities today, especially for my brothers and sisters at Friday Morning Breakfast, knowing that the same God who spoke the world into existence promises—last time I checked, God keeps His promises!—to “make everything good as new.”[2] Hallelujah!


[1] Jeremiah 33:10 (The Message)
[2] Jeremiah 33:11 (The Message)


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