Lent Day 35 Reflection (another thought)

We have a special treat for y’all: a second reflection on today’s Lenten reading. Dana Hurst has offered her thoughts on the topic of “joy and awe as God moves in answer to prayer.” Harris Creek and the greater faith community have walked alongside Team Hurst and continue to prayerfully support Dana and her precious children after her husband, David, passed away in October 2013.

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A recent TIMES magazine cover stated a bold title: Discovering Heaven – How our ideas about the Afterlife shape how we live today.

Is that ever true for you? Have you ever had a moment of awe in thinking about heaven? That jaw-dropping experience where you throw your hands in the air, you cry tears of joy during your darkest, most broken days, and you feel an unconditional love like no other and say with all your heart… YOU ARE GOD!  

The way I believed in God and Jesus since I was eight years old fit the usual, “church” mold. I said I believed and thought it stopped there. The desire, the awakening, the jaw-dropping experience where I realized… THIS IS NOT THE END… happened five months ago… the day my husband died. I was revitalized. My faith became a desire, and I felt a love that was unconditional. I sat in tears of joy, as I knew my husband would be OK. He was not healed on this side of life, but he was in a place that our minds could never imagine, express, or comprehend. I have shared with many before about that day. It was a day where there was a presence of something so divine and magnificent… that it could ONLY be the HANDS OF GOD. 

What I find amazing through it all is that my awe experience did not happen with the clear answers to prayer I expected. My big and ultimate prayer was the physical healing of my husband. It has taken meditation, prayer, and time during Lent to better understand why my husband was not healed from cancer as I prayed. Although my big prayer was not answered, God’s wonderful purpose was declared. God was made known through our walk, He was glorified in our suffering, and our smallest prayers were answered in great ways.

Now I walk this journey and desire as a mother. Daily I pray for my children…

… to know a God that unconditionally loves their daddy.
… that through our suffering—because there will be more—
we too are loved, beyond the love I can provide them.
… that there is a heaven, and it is real.  

Back to the TIMES magazine… Does my idea about the afterlife shape how I live today? Heck yeah! From our Lenten guide today, do I have “joy and awe as God moves in answer to prayer?” Forever “Yes!” … and for that, in my suffering I call myself truly blessed.



On the Team Hurst blog, Dana continues to share her raw emotions, including some specific encounters she had with God’s awe-inspiring, divine nature.




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