Lent Day 34 Reflection

The reflection for Day 34 comes from Brad Lail. Dr. Lail is a devoted husband and father, an accounting professor at Baylor University, a volunteer in a number of ministry areas, and a new Elder for Harris Creek.

356ecf74a889b7f7265d645375aae6ce_LIt is hard in my life to discuss what true liberation means in an earthly context. The idea of rejoicing in freedom from any bondage I have placed myself under seems so minor compared to what many around me have experienced. To be liberated, you first have to be held captive from something undesirable. How do I apply that to my life where I have been blessed with a great family, financial support, and all the while having most of my needs met?

However, as I reflect back on those movements towards liberation that I have observed, I realize that the joy of such liberation is right in front of me daily. As a college professor, I have the opportunity to develop relationships with students on a semester-by-semester basis. Many of those end as the semester draws to a close–who wants to hang out with their accounting prof?–but I have many relationships that have continued. I feel blessed to have those students in my life. They carry with them many emotions and experiences that I also had a few (okay, many) years ago. When reflecting upon my job and its responsibilities, I recognize that I daily observe college students growing in their relationship with Christ, and by doing so are tearing themselves away from the bondage of past experiences.

On a day when we reflect and “dare to pray this dream for others: that thousands will jailbreak at once, getting free from darkness all at the same time,” I can confidently report that this is happening on campuses around our country (and world), and this movement invigorates me to pursue God even greater. I am truly blessed that God has provided me that career where I can observe liberation and its accompanying joy regularly!

Let me encourage you to take part in this movement. In our community, the presence of college students is unmistakable. At our church, we have hundreds coming on a routine basis. They are searching for a church home where they can feel like a family. In the greater Waco community, we have a unique opportunity to pour into these students because they are at our doorsteps. By God’s plan and will alone, my family has adopted college students and participated in the College Ministry by sponsoring a college Life Group. The blessings of their joy on our family are countless. I pray that my children will one day experience the same joys on a college campus like those around our family.

It is an exciting movement where God can do some amazing things and the opportunity to participate is not too far away from any of us!



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  1. Our community, college-age young adults included, needs believers to express a devoted interest in addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty. Want to serve in our College Ministry? Contact our College Minister, Jon Green (jgreen@harriscreek.org). 

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