Lent Day 32 Reflection

In our devotional guide–“Seeking God for the City” by Waymakers–today’s lesson prompts us to seek God to declare peace among the nations, to pray for men, and among the listed nations to pray for today, Ukraine was included. Drew and Alyssa Pittman, Harris Creek church members and exemplary volunteers, recently welcomed home a son adopted from Ukraine, and they were gracious enough to provide a reflection that aligns with today’s prayer prompts. 

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Questions. Our new son has lots of questions.
What’s for dinner?
Do you and papa really love me?
Can I have three cups of hot chocolate today?
Why do we pray?
Will I ever see my friends in Ukraine again?
Will I ever truly feel at home in this country?
Mama, will you stay with me at school always?
If I disappoint you, will you stop loving me?
Who am I?
How do I fit into this world?
What is my purpose?

Not all of these thoughts are verbalized. Fears expressed through quick apologies. Doubts expressed in questions. Experimenting to determine boundaries and test solidity.

He is learning to find his place in the world. A world that, for him, has just changed drastically.

Our desire is for our son to find the identity he seeks in Christ.

Lent Day 32 Reflection - Pittman picAs we pray each day, we pray for wisdom in our parenting. We pray for our son to feel God’s peace in times of struggle and sadness. We pray that he will see God’s love through the love of our family and friends. We pray that he will grow up to be a man of God – filled with compassion and kindness.

The country where our son spent the first ten years of his life is also in a time of turmoil. The people of Ukraine are looking for answers to many of the same overarching questions. Trying to define their identity. Seeking to determine how they fit in the global picture. Wondering how to bring stability to their nation.

Just as we pray for our son, we pray for the men of Ukraine. We pray that God will bring peace to this country, as only He can. We pray that the young men of Ukraine will identify Christ as a source of stability – a light that does not extinguish when chaos overwhelms all else. We pray that God will raise up leaders filled with His wisdom.


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