Lent Day 25 Reflection

“We praise You today in anticipation of the greatest acts of Your kingdom that are to come. Fulfill Your promise to be gracious and to bless people in every place. Accomplish Your promise to intervene as a mighty, righteous judge. Thwart every kind of evil. Set things right. As a magnificent King, show people from every nation how to follow You with new lives of righteousness.”

Seeking God for the City, Day 25


You are the Almighty, a fortress of salvation.
You sent your son, Jesus—the King of Kings—
To bring peace to this world.
Thanks be to God for His reign over all the earth!

LORD, be exalted in this community,
And may your dominion be evident in every place.
Where there is evil, radiate your light of salvation
To prove that darkness does not stand a chance.

Your redemption gives new life to all who trust in you,
And I ask, Father, that you will guide us to live rightly.
As we live in righteousness, let our lives be a testimony,
Providing a witness to the reconciliation available through Jesus.

Holy Spirit, fall afresh on the nation of Uganda.
For the recent service of Harris Creek members in the nation of Uganda,
Bless their service and continue fostering spiritual conversations among the locals.
As the gifted provisions bless the community with practical needs and prevention of crises,
May Your Spirit stir in their hearts, and may they see the desperate need for a Savior.

I acknowledge my own need for salvation;
I confess the things I have done wrong this week,
And I offer myself to be refined by You in the week ahead.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.




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