Lent Day 24 Reflection

As we have been praying on behalf of Africa this week, I have asked one of Harris Creek’s global missionary families to provide a reflection. This particular family is working in a region known as the Horn of Africa and is making headway with an unreached, unengaged people group. After reading today’s reflection about the courage to contend for righteousness, please pray for the Gospel to be made known in the Horn of Africa and listen for the Spirit’s prompting to “Go and make disciples” whether near or far.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”
– Romans 1:16 –

DSC_0267Many times when people hear that we work overseas, they will ask us, “What do you do?” They are expecting a brick and mortar answer, like digging wells, running an orphanage, building houses for the poor. Those are all great things and they do indeed change peoples’ lives on this earth. And I almost feel apologetic when we answer, “We spread the gospel and start house churches.”

I continually remind myself there is no need for apology. The Gospel is the true game changer, the one thing that can change not only lives on this earth, but for eternity. Because I have been made righteousness, I should not be ashamed but I should have courage.

DSC_0209On one of our treks, we went out to a national park with rugged, majestic mountains. One guide who was previously a picture of anger and hopelessness greeted us with a huge smile on his face. The Good News that he had heard on a previous trek was reflecting newfound joy in Him. His life was changed. He wasn’t any richer, he didn’t have any better access to water, he didn’t have a better house, but He had a new heart on this earth and for eternity—we gave him hope.

We should share hope with all we encounter, and we can do so through various methods but certainly must do so with courage. We are not to be burdened with wondering whether or not we are “doing the right thing” or we are able to “say the right thing” because the righteousness of God grants us hope and freedom.

It can be easy to get singularly focused on our work and completely forget the calling of callings has already been answered. Jesus died on the Cross for the sake of humanity. His work at Calvary was to carry the weight of our burdens.[1]


[1] Hill, Shakirah A. “Your Calling Isn’t Meant to be Easy.” Relevant Magazine. (Feb 20, 2014)


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