Lent Day 18 Reflection

“May His name increase as long as the sun shines…
Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who alone works wonders.
And blessed be His glorious name forever.
And may the whole earth be filled with His glory.”
// Psalm 72:17-19

“Humility” has always seemed like a pretty straightforward thing in my book. If you do something praiseworthy or “good,” instead of taking a bow or soaking up the applause, you bashfully decline any sort of recognition whatsoever. That’s being humble, right? Maybe not.

Taking it one step further, I’ve often struggled to truly recognize and acknowledge God as the giver of ALL good and perfect gifts. It always seemed a little too “over-the-top super spiritual” to thank or praise God for that stranger’s kind words or for my friend’s random act of service. After all, attributing every wonderful moment or act to God is a little much… or is it? All this time, while I thought I was being humble and sensible in brushing off goodness in myself and others, I’ve really been disregarding opportunities to proclaim God’s loving kindness and His deep desire to give abundantly to (and through) His children. A sobering thought, indeed.

Today’s devotion really got me thinking about these things, and I’ve realized that I don’t want to waste one more opportunity to make God’s name known. By thanking and praising God for each moment of beauty I encounter, and by pointing people back to Him if they acknowledge something good in me (which they’d see only through His grace, after all!), I can stop fumbling about with my forced humility and start placing the attention where it should have been all along. I pray that we as a church body would use every moment we have, big or small, to make greater the name of Jesus.

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Today’s reflection comes from Austin Schneider, Executive Assistant extraordinaire for Harris Creek. Austin is a Baylor grad, a fashion blogger, and an avid reader. If it were in the Bible, “cleanliness is next to godliness” would be a strong candidate for Austin’s life motto.


Husband. Father. Reader and Writer. Disc Golf Enthusiast. Missions & Growth.

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