Lent Day 10 Reflection

Charles and Hannah McCall followed God’s call to relocate their family from Waco to Haiti this past February. You can read more about how they are seeking the welfare of their new neighborhood through their blog. The premise of their mission efforts through “But God…” Ministries involves building sustainable communities so that the locals can cultivate fields, receive proper health care, impact the economy, and experience the love of Jesus Christ. With agriculture as a key part of their endeavors, I invited the McCalls to share a brief reflection as we follow today’s prompting in our devotional guides to seek God for agricultural workers.

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As we look at our surroundings here in Haiti we have been reflecting on God’s goodness. The mountains are so vast and the sky seems like endless blues and pinks at sunset.

The terrain however is rocky and grey.
It’s rough and colorless.

We see sheep daily here in Haiti.
Appropriately so, last week we meditated on Psalm 23 with a team. As we got to the second verse—He makes me lie down in green pastures—I really meditated on how my green pastures may not be His green pastures, at least how I envision them in my own imagination. We don’t see lush green grass or anything in which we would really lie down in here in Haiti.  As I read more of Robert Morgan’s book The Lord Is My Shepherd, I understood that the green pastures represent three ideas.

1)   The green pastures represent provision. God meets our every need just as shepherds meet the needs of their flock.

2)   The green pastures represent peace and contentment. The sheep lie down when they are content. None of us can lie down to rest when our minds are not at peace.

3)   This imagery symbolizes our personal nourishment. Our souls are fed when we are relishing in his faithfulness. His nourishment for us is sufficient.

As we start the process of farming land here in Haiti we are reminded that what may look like rocky soil and seem arid and desolate, may actually be God’s idea of green pastures;

Lent Day 10 Reflection - McCall pic

… green pastures that will provide
for our family;
… green pastures that will provide
for the Haitians;
… green pastures that will bring
peace to all;
… green pastures that will bring nourishment to our souls.

This is far more than an endeavor to harvest crops; this is lying down in God’s green pastures of plenty—before the crop is here—believing that God will provide in every nature of the phrase. Be blessed and know that God’s green pastures may not be the same as yours, but He promises He knows best.


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