Junk Drawer

Paige and I recently moved houses. Firstly, let me say that moving is awesome…and by awesome I mean terrible. I could never be a nomad. As we were moving I noticed something. You know those drawers in your house (most likely in the kitchen) that collect random stuff? You know, where you keep pens that don’t work (throw ‘em away people), matches, scissors, receipts, last year’s stocking stuffers, etc. Well, we had several drawers like that in our old house. So, when it was moving time at the Greenway house I went through all of those drawers and got rid of the stuff we didn’t need…actually, no, I didn’t. I literally got a box, labeled it junk drawer, and put all of that stuff in the box for the move. Then, when we arrived at our new abode,  I went through the box and got rid of all of the stuff we didn’t need…actually, no, I didn’t. I literally dumped all of it into a drawer in our new kitchen that Paige and I decided would make a great junk drawer. Image

This junk drawer thing got me thinking…everyone I know has a junk drawer. “Out of site, out of mind”, right? No matter now clean, or how new our house may be, we have a drawer that hides away some of the stuff that we don’t necessarily want to display on our mantle over the fireplace.

Our spiritual lives aren’t so different from this either. We all have junk. We all have tendencies inside of us that we don’t necessarily want the world, or especially our friends to know about. Jesus warns us of hiding our junk in scripture, in Matthew 23: 27, “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.” It’s fascinating to me that the people Jesus was drawn to in scripture were the people who had nothing to hide—the tax collectors, fisherman, prostitutes, etc. These were the people that “got it.” Jesus’ warning to the Pharisees hits me square in the face. Why am I so concerned with looking spiritually clean on the outside, all the while sacrificing complete communion with Christ on the inside because of the junk that is there? Maybe it’s time to clean out the junk drawer. I think transparency is key. The sooner you and I are willing to open up the drawer and call it what it is, the sooner we are able to surrender the things in our lives that are keeping us from our Creator.

Drew Greenway

Worship leader in Waco, TX

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