Jade’s Story

Check out Jade George’s adoption story below as part of Adoption Awareness at Harris Creek. For more information on how to get involved with adoption, check out our website: www.harriscreek.org/connect/missions.

Jade’s Story

I love adoptions! As my mother said, “you didn’t have a choice” whether you wanted to be adopted or not, but I am glad that someone else did. I never considered myself different or not part of a family because my parents were not the ones who gave birth to me. From a very early age I can remember talking and reading books about being adopted. I just thought that was the norm. It wasn’t until I was older, maybe late elementary, that I realized not everyone was adopted. Funny…Adoption has never been a negative thing or something that I have hidden in my life.

People often ask me if I ever wanted to meet my real parents. I usually laugh and tell them I already know them, Ben and Chryl, but I know what they are really asking. Honestly, I have never wanted to meet my birth parents, never had a desire to seek them out, or have a relationship with them. I felt complete and loved by my parents that I never needed to fill a void of not knowing who gave birth to me…it simply just didn’t matter. The only time I went to seek out information about my birth parents was when I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to check medical history. Back 33 years ago there was not a lot of information passed on to the adopted kids about birth parents. I have a double sided page with very little details about medical history with likes and dislikes of my birth parents. That is all, but I am ok with that.

I get asked if I ever wonder where I would be right now, what my name would be, if I would have this life I lead now if I had never been adopted. I, too, wonder that at times, but I know that I have a wonderfully blessed life and this is where God knew I needed to be. I am a lucky girl to have been chosen by my parents. I think that adoption is a great option and I am so glad that God chose my parents for me.

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