It’s Personal – Not Private

In TA’s sermon this past weekend he said that the Christian life was meant to be personal, but not private. Since then my husband and I have been talking about the sermon quite a bit. We continued this conversation at Life Group in conjunction with David’s story in 2 Samuel 11 and 12 regarding the dangers of spiritual isolation. This idea of being private, or isolated, comes with deadly consequences.

When we live in isolation we often times end up seeing a distorted picture of ourselves and the world around us. Our judgment becomes cloudy and the fog rolls in. It becomes difficult to distinguish what “is” right versus what “feels” right. We forget God in the moment and we sin- just like David did with Bathsheba.

In David’s story Nathan was a respected prophet who confronted David about his sin. I would guess that many of us feel as if we have to have this “prophet” status in order to speak truth into our friend’s lives. It can be easy to make excuses and not speak truth or address the sin because we feel inadequate. But when are we really ready? When do we have all the answers? God does not require us to be ready for His love or His grace in order to accept it. It is not about having the right answers, but about having the right relationships with both God and others.

So how do we avoid living in spiritual isolation and in unhealthy relationships? We try to live personally, and not privately. We share our sin with the Nathans of our own lives and we grow in community. We need to be reminded that Satan is always trying to convince us that there is something better on the other side. That there is more for us outside our relationship with God. But the truth is, there is not. God is it. He is enough. Our lives are complete in Him.

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