Grab a Corner

Last night, students and leaders connected to our Youth Ministry celebrated a Youth Night of Worship event to kick off our semester. The evening was full of eggs, chickens, dinosaurs, gorillas, guns, flashing lights on phones, misspelled words, music, and a message.  The beautiful thing about it is that it was all part of worshipping God. The theme for the evening was “Grab a Corner.”

In Luke 5:17-20, there is a story of four men carrying their paralytic friend to see Jesus. Jesus is found teaching in a home where a large crowd is gathered. I’m sure these men heard Jesus was in town and knew He would be the one who could heal their friend. So they each grabbed a corner of their paralyzed friend’s mat and carried him to Jesus. The only problem was that when they got there they couldn’t get in the door. There were too many people standing around. So they did what any good friends would do. They climbed up on the roof, cut out a hole, and lowered their paralyzed friend down to Jesus. Last night we challenged our students, leaders, and ministry to “grab a corner.”

Luke 5:20 says, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said, ‘Friend, your sins are forgiven’” (NIV). It was the faith of the friends that brought forgiveness and then healing for the paralyzed man. Jesus saw the faith of these four friends because their faith was being lived out. It wasn’t because they simply believed He could heal their friend that Jesus offered forgiveness. Jesus offered forgiveness and eventually healing because their faith moved them into action. This semester, we are challenging our students and our leaders to have an active faith. Our faith can only be seen by others when we allow it to move us into action.

When reading this passage, I think of how easy it would have been for these four friends just to take off running towards the crowded home when they heard Jesus was in town.  This way of thinking is far too prevalent in churches today. It is the mentality that everything is all about us. These friends could have easily thought Jesus was there just for them. But they didn’t. The first thing they did when they heard Jesus was in town was go get their friend who was in need.  They weren’t concerned with themselves; there was no glory in it for them. Churches don’t exist for church people. Churches exist for those in need. The church should have a heart for people who need to be brought to Jesus. This semester we are challenging our students to have a heart for those with a need. 

If we have an active faith and heart for those who need to be brought to Jesus then we must be willing to grab a corner and bring them.  There will be obstacles you face. These four friends weren’t hindered by the crowd and they weren’t stopped by the fact that the home didn’t come equipped with a sunroof. They did what needed to be done. This semester we are challenging our students and leaders to pray for boldness to move through the obstacles that will come up when bringing people to Jesus.   

Last night was a great way to kick off the semester for our Youth Ministry. It was awesome to worship and experience God together. But we know that our Youth Ministry cannot exist simply for the students who are already connected.  Our ministry and our students need to have an active faith, they need to have a heart for those in need, and then we must be willing to “grab a corner.” 

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