God’s Movement

The last several months at Harris Creek have been exciting.  God is clearly moving in this place and in the lives of the individuals who are a part of this community of faith.  It has been wonderful to be a part of what God is doing and I am eager to see what God has for us in the future.  Amidst the excitement I don’t want to loose track of God’s call for us to follow Him.

One weekend I was at Cameron Park walking the trails thinking about the ways God has moved and is moving here at Harris Creek when, yet again, God taught me something as I watched our two dogs (Bama and Penny) run through the woods.

When I go to the park I don’t like to put the dogs on a leash. Erin, my wife, hates that I do this, but when they are on the leash I feel like I am holding them back. They have more energy and excitement when they are able to run free. When we go to the park I walk on the path that is carved through the woods. I know exactly where I am going despite what the dogs are doing around me. Occasionally I have to stop and yell for them to come back when they run off, but for the most part I just walk on the path at a leisurely pace without concern for what they are doing. They love running off into the woods to chase squirrels and explore new places. Sometimes they will run ahead of me on the path and turn around to see if I am coming. Sometimes when they run ahead, they will turn down a path only to double back when they realize it’s not the path I am taking. This is the way it works for us at the park – I walk where I want to go, they keep up with me, even if it is in a round about way, and follow me where I am leading.

In a similar way, I believe this is how God moves in the world and how He is currently moving in the life of Harris Creek. God knows what He is doing, He knows where He is headed. He is moving on the path which leads towards growing His kingdom. God doesn’t need us to help Him get where He is going, He doesn’t need us to go out in front of Him and scout the way. He simply wants us to follow Him where He is going. It is when we go ahead expecting God to bless us and to follow us that we take a turn in the wrong direction. As believers and as a church made up of believers, we must simply follow where He is leading. Our following isn’t always pretty. We sometimes like to run circles through the woods and chase squirrels only to have God call us back to the path. It is only by His grace that we are able follow Him as He moves.

When I write to parents of the youth I often issue them a challenge and I would like to do the same here. The challenge for you all as individuals and for us as a church is to see that God is on the move here at Harris Creek and to follow Him where He is leading us. God doesn’t need us to grow His kingdom, but what a privilege it is to take part in what He is doing. Will you jump on the path He is walking down, or will you run circles in the woods?

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  1. This is a great analogy of the freedom that God grants us, and the joy that comes in freely following Him in His compelling mission to the world. (I also have to confess that I’ve run down a few wrong trails in my time.)

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