Several years ago we had conversations in my home about foster care and foster to adopt. I read or saw something that spoke of all the children in our county that need caring homes.  I have three boys of my own, and thinking of a child not having a safe, loving environment tears me up inside.   My big ole heart wanted to bring them all home.


I have had the privilege of hearing stories from families who have jumped in with foster care. These families who have welcomed children into their homes are amazing…or actually, let’s just call them SUPERHEROES!

We have an opportunity, as a church, to come alongside families who are wading into the deep waters of foster care and support them. One way we can help is to provide essentials for the child who is placed in their home. Many times, kids arrive to a foster home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. To say this is a difficult time in the lives of these kids is an understatement.

This month in Navigate, we are talking about Cooperation: working together to do more than you can do alone. This Sunday, our Bottom Line is “we can work together to change someone’s life.” That’s a pretty big statement for a kid to grasp, so we wanted to do something tangible that would help our kids know they can make a difference.

This week, we will be assembling “Foster Care Emergency Boxes” for families who will receive a foster child in their home. To do this we need your help with purchasing items to build the boxes. Our Navigate kids will be filling boxes, praying over the items, and writing notes of encouragement to the families who will be welcoming these kids.

This is a tangible way to seek the welfare of the city and show our kids that they can make a difference! Please bring your items to church this Sunday* and place them on the table in the foyer or Navigate hallway at Sunwest or the Kidspace Downtown.  If you have any questions email


Baby Items

Diapers and Wipes
Gift cards to HEB

Boy & Girl Items

Lunch Boxes
Water bottle/Sippy Cup
Small Toy or Stuffed Animal
Book or Coloring Book
Gift Cards to Walmart/Target


*If you are unable to bring your items by this Sunday but would like to contribute, the church wide initiative will continue through Palm Sunday, so please continue bringing your donations (needed items or financial contribution). Contact for more information.


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