Faithfulness in the Past, Loving-Kindness for the Next

The Brooks household has grown in many ways since first connecting with Harris Creek. The family is different now and the same could be said of Harris Creek. No with 2 kids added to the Brooks household and with 2 campuses now making up Harris Creek, God has continued to demonstrate great faithfulness in remaining present with us. Wes & Paige Brooks speak for many of us in expressing gratitude for God’s loving-kindness in past seasons, and we anticipate what is to come in the seasons ahead.



We both grew up in Waco, but after getting married we moved to Austin. Because of the family and friends we had here, we had somewhat of a pulse on what was going on in the community. At one point we found out a friend of ours had recently become the senior pastor of Harris Creek—a little church in a McGregor cornfield. We decided to keep that in mind if CR8X12FWcAA4oNVwe ever had a chance to move home. Apparently God had that in mind as well.

In early 2006, Wesley accepted a job that would bring us back to Waco. The hardest part of leaving Austin was leaving our church family. God had done extraordinary things in our lives in that community, particularly through small groups. As we prepared to move, we heard that Harris Creek was going to introduce a small group ministry. Since we grew up in communities similar to Harris Creek with much more traditional environments than our church in Austin, we felt called to Harris Creek to be a part of the launch—to help be voices of encouragement in the process. What was kind of crazy was that we had never even been to Harris Creek before. We only knew the pastor and worship leader and their vision to see God transform lives through small group community. We had no idea what it would be like, how small groups would be received, or how long it would take for them to get off the ground. We only knew this is where God was calling us to put down roots.

Within the first year of joining, we sat around a table with a few other couples made up of staff and members to hash out this idea. Weeks later the first fellowship to present and organize small groups was hosted in the youth room of the Cornfield Campus. That night 2-3 “Covenant Groups” were formed.

The ministry changed a lot over the next few years. We experienced seasons of joyous victory and seasons of severe discouragement. No longer a family of 300ish in the cornfield, we are on two separate campuses with almost 2000 strong. From 2-3 small groups to now 100+ Life Groups (youth to adult).

In the last ten years we have had the honor to both lead and participate in several different groups. From “married with no kids,” to “married with kids” and even sponsoring the most amazing college Life Group in the universe from the time they were freshman to their graduation, in each group, God provided lasting and precious relationships as well as Spirit-led transformation.

Our family has felt a recent calling to be committed to the Downtown Campus. It was a hard decision, but it has already been an incredible blessing. When we stop and remember where Harris Creek started we are often overwhelmed by what God has done with this church, including it’s influence on our family. We celebrate His faithfulness in the past and praise Him for His continued loving-kindness, grace, and leadership for the next season of life at Harris Creek.

If you are interested in experiencing the type of small group environment that the Brooks family described, we encourage you to indicate your interest, and our staff will work diligently to provide you with some group options for the first of the year. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, share with us reasons why you are grateful for Harris Creek, either in the comments below or communicating with our staff.


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