Easter, Baptism, and Grandmothers

When I was about 9 years old I remember sitting at an Easter Pageant with my “Meme” and being amazed by the story that was unfolding before my eyes. During the intermission of this pageant my Meme leaned over and asked me “what do you think about Jesus”? Thus began the story and conversation that would change and shape my heart forever. That night for the first time, I prayed a prayer of salvation with my grandmother. I was excited to share with her that I had accepted Christ into my heart and wanted to learn more.

So, I spent the next decade trying to learn who I was in Christ and what that meant for me. Ironically, each year Easter time would roll around, questions would flood my mind about Jesus and the act of baptism. I had not taken the step to become baptized yet, but had seen numerous friends and family be baptized within the church I grew up in over the years. I was just never sure it was for me. But nearly 20 years later, I was finally baptized. The Lord spent those years working on my heart to take this step of faith and He never gave up on me. So, in 2011 at the ripe ole’ age of 29, I was baptized on Easter Sunday here at Harris Creek. Some may think this is young, however for me at 29 years old, it felt like I had waited a lifetime to get baptized. Every now and then I spend time reflecting on my baptism decision and the difference it has made in my life, and it all makes me smile. It reminds me of the perfection of His timing and the goodness of His plans, and that no matter what age or where we are in life– it is never too late to experience His love and redemption.

My Meme passed away just 3 weeks after my daughter was born last year. I wish Hannah could have known her. The joyful Christ filled woman that made such a lasting mark on my soul and my identity in Christ. I pray that we would find our own “Meme”, that person who shapes our hearts, and asks “so what do you think about Jesus”? 

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