Already Done, Doing Already

With a young median age for our congregation, and with many members who have not experienced a focused campaign like this before, we appreciate folks like Stacey and Caryn Smith, who generously offer their insight on why a project like “Our Turn” is beneficial for our church now and for God’s Kingdom forevermore.


We love Harris Creek’s mission of seeking the welfare of the city. We value the importance that is placed on community and have found those relationships to be life giving.


We’ve already done something similar before. We were a part of a generosity effort at a large church in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and even though we have been relocated and do not get to use the facilities and ministries we helped financially support, we have continued to reap the benefits of the biblical principles we learned in the process. This campaign will no doubt be a page-turner in the life of Harris Creek. It is one of those memorable seasons where things will be marked as either before or after this season in our church. Getting to be a part of such a transformational season in the life of the Body is an exciting privilege. By participating—in whatever form—you are a part of, quite literally, making room for our church’s future. And when the Lord provides for a place of worship and for the faithful worshippers… that is worthy of celebration. When God unites people and opens our eyes to things we can do without (our luxuries, the extras, the wants over the needs, etc.) in order to advance the Kingdom… that is worthy of celebration. Choosing not to participate and not believing in the vision will leave you out of that overflow of joy that will no doubt be a part of this project. 


We do not have a lot of margin in our finances currently, as we have debt to address before we simply extend our monthly giving, so we are going to have to get creative and ask the Lord to open our eyes to ways that we can give sacrificially and generously. How can we earn money to give? What can we sell? What can we do without? To tell you the truth, this campaign is an opportunity to do something we all should be doing already, challenging ourselves and each other to sacrifice for what we believe—to do whatever it takes to bear witness to God’s Kingdom. As we have seen, when this happens… a church is built. Not a building, but a church body that is an example of what following Christ looks like. And that is attractive; people want to be apart of that… Let’s make sure we make room for God to do His work again.


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