Adopt-A-School Program

Harris Creek participates in the Waco Independent School District’s Adopt-A-School program and has partnered with Bell’s Hill PDS Elementary School so that we will be able to deepen our church body’s roots in the city of Waco. 

Although there are a number of schools in Waco that are in need of partnerships, we purposefully chose Bell’s Hill for a couple of reasons.  To start with, Bell’s Hill has many corporate partnerships, but did not have a church partnership when Harris Creek began serving the school last year.  Now, Harris Creek is one of two church partnerships that pour into the school that houses almost 800 children and 100 faculty members. In addition, it is the closest school in proximity to our Downtown Campus, located just 1.6 miles away. The location of this school will enable us to specifically be investing in the area of town that we are corporately worshipping in on a weekly basis. 

Over the past several months I have been praying specifically for God to give us direction to know how to serve the school this year. And of course His faithfulness prevailed! The direction came and the opportunities are bubbling over! It’s exciting to be a part of His plan and purpose! A few weeks ago one of these opportunities was the need for school supplies and Harris Creek responded faithfully by donating a large quantity of them. I recently met with Assistant Principal and she told me about one particular 2nd grade boy who came to school without any supplies the first day. However, because of your generosity this little 2nd grade boy received new pencils, crayons, and much more with his name on it. He just couldn’t fathom that someone had purchased the new school supplies for him. Thank you! Thank you!

The next opportunity that has emerged and is currently developing, is the idea of “Book Clubs”. There is a movement among Waco churches to take action to improve the reading scores of children in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. These “Book Clubs” have  proven to increase reading levels and reading comprehension. The club will consistent of one Harris Creek volunteer and 2-3 Bell’s Hill children that will meet weekly for 30 minutes to chat, eat lunch, and read! So if you would like to learn more about this opportunity or want to be a part of the “Book Club” initiative, please let us know! Thank you again for serving the children and faculty of Bell’s Hill and seeking the welfare of the city!

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