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  1. I’m concerned whether or not the fundamental preachers and teachers, who freely quote A.W. Tozer, actually know what he believed concerning the gifts of the Spirit. Most shrug while declaring, “by just quoting a few thoughts of a man, is by no means a total indorsement of everything that he believed or stood for”. Just curious why these same folks aren’t quoting John Haggie as well? Ironically, he and Tozer are actually very closely aligned when it comes to the Holy Ghost. I’m inclined to think that this practice would be best served if done with a bit more discretion or explanation.
    It easily has the potential for causing confusion. Because of shared quotes, I’ve witnessed young Christians buy in totally to a movement which incorporated many half truths. They went as far as buying Bible study materials, etc.
    Also, a Mormon site I recently came across, had two or three quotes from A. W. Tozer – a very slick endorsement indeed! If still alive, I’m sure Tozer would have had something to say about this.
    My guess is, most “fundamental” preachers who regularly quote Tozer would have never allowed him access to their pulpits to teach about the ministry of the mighty Spirit of God!
    We are truly naive to think the enemy of our soul is incapable of deceiving “the church”, by any means possible, even this one.

    I love truth, even when it hurts. Maybe one needs to pause and consider more deeply, why men like A.W. Tozer, R. A. Torrey, Oswald Chambers, John Westley, Leonard Ravenhill, D. L. Moody, Charles Finney and John R. Rice, to name a few, are still so frequently quoted or referred to.

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