A Primeval History Refresher

This morning I was checking each of our elementary environments to make sure everything was in place and ready for Sunday morning when I stumbled upon a treasure.  In Explore, our Bible equipping strategy for elementary kids, the kids studied Genesis and Primeval History this week.  During one activity, the kids were challenged to draw a picture depicting one of the key stories from Genesis.

Enjoy this quick refresher course! Adam and Eve
Genesis 2:2-25


Cain and Abel  (best read from right to left)
Genesis 4:2-16



Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors (and his demise)
Genesis 37:1-4, 18-28



Tower of Babel (don’t miss the foreign languages/confused tongues)
Genesis 11:1-9


Jacob’s Sons
Genesis 37:1-11


How many details of these stories from Primeval History were you able to recall?

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