a matter of change

Several people requested a copy of the benediction I shared on Sunday at the Downtown Campus, and I hope you enjoy it, too. There are occasions when I’m taking notes during a worship service and I start thinking verse by verse; each line of song and each line of a sermon text starts to be composed as a line of poetry on the page in front of me. Based on the service set list and our Lead Pastor’s sermon, here’s what I penned during the 10:00 am service:


a matter of change

loose coins in our pocket are a matter of change
change to pay for a drink and change for the tickets to that show
loose coins in our pocket are a matter of change
change for our brain activity and the empathy we’re able to show

money can make us numb
money can make us dumb

a simple reminder: loose change is a provision—a gift you hold in your hand
but the Giver of Life holds onto you, don’t you understand?

your life is a blessing to be a blessing

loose coins in your pocket—whose life could you change?




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