2013 Sermon Recap

Last year I did a recap of the Scripture and authors I covered throughout the year, and it proved to be a helpful exercise for a couple of reasons. First, one of my primary goals in preaching is to make sure we are covering a broad range of genres in Scripture each year. I want to make sure there is a healthy does that includes the gospels (NT), epistles (NT), historical books (OT), the prophets (OT), and wisdom literature (primarily OT). Another reason this recap is helpful is it’s good to reflect on what we’ve covered as a Body and how God worked in the last year. Another reason I love doing this at the end of the year is it’s always helpful to see who has influenced my thinking by including the authors I’ve quoted in my sermons. I put a lot of work and thought into each message, and there are obviously many authors and scholars who have greatly influenced by thoughts in each sermon.[1] So, here’s a list of the authors and Scriptures we covered at Harris Creek in 2013:

Microsoft Word - 2013 Sermon Recap.docx

I also wanted include some of my personal comments and thoughts on what I enjoyed the least and the most myself. Growing up with a mother who made a living by being an artist, I feel strongly that each sermon is should be crafted like any piece of art. Preaching is the primary medium God has given me to express the work He is doing in my life. In saying that, each piece of art doesn’t always turn out the way you had hoped it would, nor does every sermon. So, for reasons I won’t fully cover in this blog, here are some of my personal opinions on how the sermons turned out…for better or worse:

Favorite Sermon: “Depression” from our Psalms of Disorientation series
Least Favorite Sermon: “Worship Fully” from our Advent series
Favorite Series: The Book of Judges
Least Favorite Series: Return on Investment[2]

Finally, I’ll close by saying that I believe preaching matters immensely (if you couldn’t tell that already). The spoken word of Scripture changes things and has the ability to create new realities in our lives, just like the spoken Word did in Genesis 1. My hope and prayer is that you encountered the Spirit of God over the last year. If any of these sermons played even a small part in that work, I consider that to be a huge honor. I love the soft hearts, open minds, and generous hands of the people of Harris Creek, and I am grateful that I get to work with you to advance the Kingdom of God.

[1] A byproduct is also putting the stats on paper so we can let the facts speak for themselves when I hear things like “you quote ________ every week” or “you never preach from the New Testament.” It’s helpful to be able to show the wide-range of people and passages covered to help offset some of these incorrect perceptions.
[2] I didn’t have time to develop this like I wanted with only two weeks to spend on this topic.

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