2 Important Updates

I wanted to update you on two important announcements that have gone out in the last couple of weeks. First, despite what I said on Sunday morning, the Holdens will not be able to make it tonight to our Prayer Night for International Missions. They are in the country, but were delayed on getting to Waco due to their son, Silas, getting sick. We are sad that we are going to miss hearing from them in person, but this is a logistical issue that was completely out of everyone’s control. Please continue to pray for the Holden’s and a for a quick recovery for Silas (and Allison who also got sick after Silas).

The other update is exciting news for Harris Creek regarding the Lead Community Pastor search. After a meticulous process of reviewing over 75 candidates, the Search Team has unanimously recommended one candidate to the elders. The elders have interviewed the candidate in depth and have met with him several times over the past few days. Based on those interviews and the Search Team’s recommendation, the elders unanimously feel led to extend an offer to the candidate to become our new Lead Community Pastor. I am also happy to announce that he has accepted the position and will begin in June. He and his family have been in town for the last five days and will actually be in until Saturday. So, we wanted to use Wednesday night as an opportunity for you to meet him before they go back home. He and his family will be introduced at the Prayer Night and will be there to meet everyone in attendance. We will also make a formal announcement Sunday about this hiring and the process that led us to this decision. If you are in town and want a chance to meet him before they arrive in June, please come out tonight.

Let me close by saying this: It is evident that God is moving in a unique and fresh way at Harris Creek. I hope you are encouraged by all that is going on, and I hope that you will continue to trust with us that God is Who is driving the transformation taking place at Harris Creek. Come out tonight and hear how He has continued to be gracious to us all and pray with us about the future of Harris Creek in the world around us.

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