10 Ways to Influence Your Child’s Faith at Home

1. Make faith conversations part of your daily rhythm

This can be as simple as taking time to pray about a situation that is difficult for your child or asking them about how God would want them to respond…you may be surprised by what they say! We offer Parent Cue sheets for all our graded ministries that can help you incorporate faith into your daily activities and reinforce what we are learning at church.

2. Encourage your kids that faith questions are ok

It’s healthy, as your child develops, that they question things about God. Think about the way your faith has evolved over your life. One of the worst things we can do is set a view of God that is fixed because if something challenges who they thought God was, God may not seem real or someone they want to have a relationship with.

3. Include your kids in corporate worship

Connecting a child’s faith to a larger faith community is so important! We love our graded programming on Sunday mornings but don’t miss the opportunities for corporate worship that we provide throughout the year. It may be a little more work on those Sundays, but it’s worth it! Kids need to know they are part of a larger community and that we are all in this together. Having them sit with you in corporate worship, on occasion, will provided that.

4. Attend church regularly

It is so easy to get out of the routine of going to church regularly, but it is so important and church engagement is an easy way to invest in your child’s faith formation. In all of our graded ministries we have amazing small group leaders who want to invest in your child and build community in their small group. This can be hard to achieve when a child attends infrequently so make church attendance a priority in your family.

5. Communicate that your child is made in the image of God

When kids grow up believing they are made in the image of God, they will grow up wanting to know the God who made them. Think of it in these terms: Amaze a kid’s mind to imagine God, Inspire a kid’s will to follow God and Move a kid’s life to serve God. More information on this topic is available in “It’s Just a Phase so Don’t Miss it” by Kristen Ivy & Reggie Joiner.

6. Pray with your kids at bedtime

This does not need to be complicated or lengthy. Start with thanking God for the good things in the day, ask for help in areas of challenge and end with thanking God for your child. Ask your child to pray too! If you make it a full minute then kudos to you!

7. Engage other adults to invest in your child

Harris Creek’s Life Group strategy should make this easy. Have a talk with your group and plan an activity for the Dads/boys and Moms/girls to do together. This is a great opportunity for your kids to get to know other adults in their life. Setting the table for other trusted adults will come in handy during teenage years when everyone else is smarter than youJ

8. Help your child read their Bible

An easy way to encourage your kids to engage with God’s word is to utilize the weekly God-Time card we provide for K-6th grade. There are four opportunities each week and they take 5-10 minutes to complete. There are also several kid’s devotionals that focus on one passage of scripture each day. Both of these options make engaging with God’s word doable for a child

9. Serve as a family

Look for opportunities to serve together. An easy way to serve with your elementary aged child is to be a leader in one of our Create classrooms over the summer. This is a great way to expose your child to serving others in an environment they are familiar with. Another great way is to serve those who live in your neighborhood. Look for ways to help others right where you live. What a great way to show the love of Jesus and cultivate a heart of service in your children

10. Make your own faith journey a priority

You may have heard the phrase faith is “caught more than taught”. Your kids are watching you. Don’t let this reality make you think you always have to get it right. You don’t, actually those moments when you don’t get it right, let your kids know. They need to know that faith formation is a journey and we are all in process of becoming more like Jesus.


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